The Monkey haters podcast

The disturbing trade in the Torture of Macaque moneys filmed and sold online or you can read the dutch article HERE

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The Indonesian people working behind the scenes at :

  • Sumatra Wildlife Centre & Ellis Park;
  • The professional team responsible for rehabilitating the many rescued brahminy kites on a small island outside Jakarta;
  • The team running the specialist sanctuary for the many rescued ex dancing monkeys in Bandung,
  • Various K9-wildlife teams travelling throughout Indonesia rescuing smuggled wildlife,

are with no doubt our so-called Heroes.

To get involved in animal rescue is not a career choice many Indonesian parents choose for their children, so it means a lot to us we have a solid, and well-experienced Indonesian team rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife as their life’s mission.

There selfless actions to help wildlife, which is being regarded as a common nuisance in Indonesia, like the macaques, give us hope for the future.

At Sumatra Wildlife Centre we operate solely on donations from individuals, and we do not receive any financial support from the government. Besides rescuing and rehabilitating rescued wildlife, we also run Education Programs for  different age groups. Our educational team visits schools and hopes through their program to raise awareness.

All animals deserve to be treated with respect, and we need to learn to live in harmony together.


K9 Team 

Sniffers in Indonesia

Our K9-Detection teams are tackling the over-exploitation of wildlife, by reinforcing regulations and making sure they are properly enforced. This with the full assistance of the different local authorities in Indonesia. They continue to rescue smuggled wildlife at one of the most trafficked routes in Asia.

Their job is not without risks, specifically as their sniffer dogs have earned the reputation of being very successful during raids at the Indonesian harbours and airports. The illegal wildlife trade continues to thrive in Indonesia…

Regular exchange of knowledge to discuss new K9 sniffer methods with their Dutch partners, @scentimprintconservationdogs, has made this small and committed Indonesian group a force to be reckoned with.