Sponsor Wildlife

Your animal sponsorship will help us cover the medical care and their daily food.

The cost for a year is €240. You can also choice to donate monthly €20 or every quarter €60.

Our goal is for all rescued primates to be freed back into the wild again after they have developed all survival skills at our primate sanctuaries in Bandung and Sumatra. 

The group unit will be released at a secret location somewhere in Indonesia after having reached JAAN’s so-called rehabilitation goals. This process can take a year/couple of years, and it all depends how fast the macaques grasp the techniques on how to survive in the wild by themselves.


Raptor Sanctuary

There also exist a sponsor program for our rescued raptors, which are being rehabilitated at a specialist raptor sanctuary by a professional team, and we also run a foo Rp 170.000) monthly, you can join. You can start and end any of the above programs at any given time 

Click on donate for the raptor sponsoring or at the bottom for macaques